About Us

“Through the magic of Leprechauns, Papa Smurf, Michael J. Fox, and all other things small, we make wee-sized, delightful stuffed animal versions of you.”


Let’s take you back to 2009, where it all began.

It all began in Great Neck, NY when a couple of best friends were reminicing about their childhood and thought it would be so cool to pay homage to Wrestling Buddies* (circa 1980’s) and create stuffed animals of themselves to fight with. And poof! A business was born! We took our product on the road and bartered our way onto the ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Man’s League by creating custom buddies for the show’s hosts, Matthew Berry and Nate Ravtiz, and the infamous ESPN Podcast producer Pod Vader. Click here for some photos on ESPN.

Ever since then we have been shipping high quality personalized stuffed animals of everyone and anyone. We love the versatility of our product; from comforting those who are away from their families to being used as a funny gag for those that need a laugh and everything inbetween. Our designers work hard to get every detail you put into our form so that you receive a completely custom, unique product. You can check out our Happy Customer Gallery here for some, as you guessed it, happy customers! We also send out Buddies to celebrities which you can find photos of here in our Celebrity Gallery.

Oh, and if you have any questions feel free to Contact Us here. We’ll walk you through every step of the way.