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Anthony loves IAASA


“First things is first, the stuffed animals are fantastic.
In fact, I brought the one that looks like me to work and everyone
raved about it. Some of my co-workers went to the website as soon as
they saw mine and were dreaming of possibilities.

I know also you’ve been asking about a story, it is. I find myself
always on these oddball shopping websites. For this particular instance
I was on a website called They have a bunch of really
weird, un-needed, super expensive things. Around the same time I got engaged
and I was thinking on potential groomsmen gifts. I was really tired on
the same gifts being recycled over and over and I wanted to add a personal
touch to this. So I stumbled across your website through Thisiswhyimbroke
and fell in love. The personal touch to this isn’t so much that it’s a pillow version
of the wedding party but that I am a pro wrestling fan and I remember growing up
they had these things called “Wrestling Buddies”. There was Hulk Hogan,
Macho Man, The Million Dollar Man…so here was an opportunity to make
our own wrestling buddies. And yes, as you can tell the party is comprised with
mostly fans of sports entertainment. I plan on displaying everybody at the wedding
and I will take a picture and send it over.”–Anthony M.

Al Away from Home

I just wanted to say thanks for your help with my order.
I was able to get my doll out to my wife in Afghanistan
for New Years and she totally loved it. It wouldn’t have
been possible without your help.
I hope you had a great holiday season. –Al S.


Mini Uncle Rich!

“My niece loves her Uncle and I don’t see her often,
whenever we call I’m the first person she wants
to hear. I thought a stuffed uncle would be the
perfect gift for her!” –Rich E.


Flat Mary

Happy 40th Birthday Mary!
Chrissy contacted us to make a stuffed animal of her friend Mary for her 40th birthday party. ”Thanks so much for getting the stuffed Mary to us in Palm Beach in time for the party. It was a hit.  Our friends thought it was hilarious, and they brought her everywhere!”  –Chrissy D.


Amber’s Mini Guy

AmberGeorgeYou made the doll so life-like. Your customer service was fantastic. Everything was perfect! Thank you!

-Amber G.

Dylan Warms Our Heart


“I chose IAASA because I wanted something to remember my dad by after he passed and I thought a stuffed animal of him would be perfect. Thank you.”

–Dylan T.

Thank you for sharing Dylan. We’re so glad to be a part of your fond memory of your Dad.–IAASA


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One of these things is not like the other!


Jamie’s Mini


The pillow resemblance is great! It looks amazing and everyone I show it to knows exactly who it is. The process was easy. Thank you!

—Jamie G.

Joe & Mini Joe



Thank you!

–Joe P.

Top Gifts for Men






Thanks to for selecting us as a 2013 top unique gift for men!

Picture 6

Magazine Shout Out!

Happy Friday everyone!


Some happy news from your IAASA Buddies. We will be featured in the October issue of Woman’s World Magazine and we couldn’t be more excited! Check it out!

Flat Stanley DIY Buddies!


Looking for creative Christmas stocking stuffers for the kids?

Our IAASA friends Treci and Tina shared how they plan to make the family’s Christmas stocking super special! While on vacation this Summer the kids made their own “Flat Stanleys” from the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and took photos with them while sightseeing. Tina thought it would be a great idea to upload each doll the kids created to our DIY Buddy template and make them into stuffed animals for Christmas.

We love creative fans! Thanks for sharing!

Check out our DIY line here!

Retirement Fun

Gift idea another creative customer!

“I have a Photographer that took photos of both the subjects. A short history: The main victim is a police officer who is retiring this December. I have know him for about forty years and he is my daughter’s godfather. He is well loved but a BIG practical joker. He is one of the lead driving instructors for the the police department we work for. He not only teaches driving but drives the Sergeant crazy. The Sergeant is very well respected and a former Marine. We are giving the Sergeant the Paul doll and Tad(sgt.) doll to Paul as his retirement gift. We told Paul he was not invited to his retirement party as it was to honor Tad for putting up with Paul for all these years.” — Ana

Buddy pics to come!

Kristin’s Vegas Birthday Surprise!


GOT IT! Thanks so much! It was a hit! He loved it!
-Kristin N.

Birth Announcement Buddy


Kristen S.:

I just wanted to thank you for our “Lil Mike”. We have been laughing about him for 2 years. I gave him to my husband for our 2 year Cotton anniversary. We now have twins and took the best picture of the three of them together. It ended up on the back of their birth announcement. We love your company and tell all of our friends about you. They all love Lil Mike too. :)

5th Birthday Surprise!

This is a super cute video of Mary’s grandson receiving a stuffed animal of his “Pawpaw” for his 5th Birthday. Adorable!

Special Daddy Buddy

Here’s a photo sent in from Zak of his son with his Daddy doll while Zak is stationed overseas. Thanks, Zak!

Sweet Gift: John’s Soldier Buddy

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did! I ordered a soldier (myself) about a month ago. You made sure all the correct patches and rank was added with great detail. Also, it got to my girlfriend by Valentine’s Day so when we skyped I opened it up with her. It was truly great. Thanks so much!”  -John Chewens

Thanks for everything YOU do for our country, John!

Kat Von D’s Birthday Surprise!