Business Opportunities

Be an IAASA™ Designer!

Join our team! If you’re interested in becoming an freelance IAASA™ designer please email us at Please send your resume and samples of your work (at least one sample in Adobe® Illustrator®) and tell us why you want to design IAASA™ Buddies.

Prototypes, Print, Design, etc.

We learned a lot building I AM A STUFFED Contact us to help with your business or project. We’ll consider anything that’s related to our site or product, but here is a short list of our specialities:

  • Plush prototypes
  • T-shirt printing
  • Other fabric printing
  • Sewing
  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Invitation & other paper printing and design
  • Massive G. I. Joe battles
  • Dioramas and science fair projects