Thanks for all the feedback/comments/questions. Here are some of the most common:

  • When is the cutoff for Christmas delivery?

    Glad you asked! We guarantee all orders shipped within the United States will be delivered before December 24, 2017 if ordered no later than Cyber Monday, November 27.

  • How long does it take to get a custom order?

    The Big and Mini Buddies take approximately 4-6 weeks (7-10 weeks international) to reach you from the receipt of payment. We’d love to get them to you faster, but each one is custom designed and handmade. We do offer a rush option ($15) which will guarantee domestic delivery by 4 weeks (7 weeks international).

  • Can I see a proof?

    Unfortunately, no. Most of the labor involved in creating these little guys lies in the initial design. We do offer a “Twitter Preview” option in the form that provides a sneak peek of the Buddy as it’s shipping out. Also, you can check out our gallery page where you can see some examples of our recent work.

  • Can I get a buddy made of anyone I want?

    Yes. But don’t stop at anyone, challenge us—why not send us a picture of a dragon and see what we do (or a refrigerator).

  • How big are these buddies?

    BIG Buddies are about 11″ wide x 14″ tall (hand to hand). Plenty big for some good ol’ fashioned rough-housing. MINI Buddies are about 6″ wide x 8″ tall.

  • I’m a pretty tall/short/fat/skinny person. Can you incorporate this into buddy shape?

    We will definitely incorporate this into the art if possible, but the overall outline of the buddy is the same for everyone.

  • How specific can I get when I tell you what I want my buddy to be like?

    If you have a picture in your mind of what you want your little guy to look like, describe him/her to us in excruciating detail—we’ll do our best to fit every detail in. If you’d rather let us do the heavy lifting to make you look like the fantastic guy/girl you are, well…we’re pretty good at that too. Trust us.

  • Do you make girl buddies?

    Absolutely. Check out some of our past work in the IAASA™ Gallery!

  • How many pictures should I submit?

    We recommend 3 (the max). Picture quality and quantity will affect the accuracy of your buddy.

  • Do you offer rush delivery?

    Yes! For an extra fee, we can guarantee your Buddy will be delivered in 4 weeks (7 weeks international).

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Of course! The more exotic the locale, the better.

  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

    We sure do. Just use our “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page to inquire. Keep in mind that by bulk we mean at least 5 Buddies (or 6 MINI Buddies) of the same design.

  • Can I buy just one MINI Buddy?

    Unfortunately, no. Designing a 100% custom product is an expensive endeavor so the only way that we can offer you this cool option is to sell them in 2-packs of the same design. They still end up 50% cheaper than the standard size with the same amount of customization! Come on, I’m sure you can find another person in this world that wants a mini version of you!

  • What’s the return policy?

    We want every single IAASA™ customer to be satisfied with their purchase so it only makes sense that we have an IAASA™ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it to us for a heavily discounted redo or a refund.

  • What do I need to know about the IAASA Famous Buddies?

    IAASA™ Famous is a line of buddies that you’ll recognize from movies, TV, politics, history, mythology, etc. They’re made by the same designers as the custom IAASA™ Buddies and with the same attention to detail. Because they are not custom, they ship a bit faster (2-3 weeks US, 3-4 weeks international).

  • Do you offer a tracking service? If not, how can I check on my Buddy?

    Sorry, we’re not quite sophisticated enough to have a fancy tracking service yet. But we realize that these IAASA™ Buddies are awesome and the suspense can get intense. If you want to know the status of your Buddy just use our “Where’s My Buddy?” form at the bottom of this page. Please allow 72 hours for a response.