Return Policy

IAASA™ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We at IAASA™ want every customer to be ecstatic about their Buddies, and that’s why we inspect every single Buddy before it leaves our premises. However, we understand that everyone has different tastes and we can accept the fact that maybe you can find a fault with your Buddy. That’s why we’ve instituted the IAASA™ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Satisfaction Option #1: Redo!

We’d hate to think that you have found some fault with your Buddy but if you have we’d like to give it another go (at a steep discount). Just send your Buddy back and complete our Redo Form Checkout. On this form you can specify ANY changes you’d like to make to the Buddy and if you want a new designer to design the whole Buddy from scratch. When we’ve received your Buddy and confirmed that you checked out we’ll get started on the redesign ASAP.

Satisfaction Option #2 – Refund

The only reason we could possibly imagine you’d want to return your Buddy for a refund is if the person you bought it for already had one, loved it and you were unaware of that fact. In that circumstance or for any other unimaginable reasons that you are not satisfied, you can  contact us and we will refund the full $79 for each Regular Buddy ($78 for each 2-pack of MINI Buddies, $39 for each famous Buddy) less any discounts received at checkout. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! OK, we might ask, but only because we’re curious! Just contact us here.