What Are People Saying about I Am A Stuffed™?

We’re always grateful for a good ol’ ego-booster. Thank you to all our customers and fans and especially to these folks who chose to rub our bellies.. figuratively of course.

Here’s another cool way to give an IAASA™ Buddy.. of course we love the reaction at the end:

“Hey guys! Another buddy picture for you. My husband loved his buddy and has added it to his toy collection. It looks great! And I love the shirt!”

– Katie  B.

“Just got mine in the mail on Monday. He is awesome and my three year old daughter calls him Little Daddy. You guys keep on stuffin’ “

– Sigfús  G.

“My girlfriend loved her buddy! Thank guys, keep up the good work!”

– Frank S.

“Just got my buddy in the mail friday, just in time for Valentines day and it came out great!!! thanx for everything and i will definitely be a returning customer!! GREAT JOB”

– Donnie L.

“BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY NEW BUDDY!!!  You do amazing work.”

– Luis

“Thank you for the guy it is perfect and the wifey loves it!”

– Kheenan H.

“SOOOOO GOOD! Right down to the crazy eyebrow and big forehead! I love it!”

– Ryan M.

“My son, husband and son-in-law loved their buddies. Thank you for a great present.”

– Connie C.

“Our ‘I am a stuffed animal’ gifts were soo great. Everyone loved them.   Thank you so much, I think your work is great and such a fun idea.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and for making ours a fun time also.”

– Cindi H.

“In the spirit of Harrison Ford as the aging Indiana Jones, I say, why can’t Laura Croft be proud of her grey and her reading glasses? Liz H. as Liz-pretending-to-be-Laura-Croft Buddy. Next stop? Top of the Sun Pyramid perhaps? Thanks IAASA. No better way to be my own best friend.”

– Liz H.

“First let me just say my buddy… truly amazing hah wow! Thank you guys soo much. Ive told many friends about this and alot are very interested in getting their own!  Thank you again so much. Take care!

– Mark D.

“LOVE IT.  It’s getting a lot of “Facebook” play for Ellen right now, I can tell you that much.  Thanks much and I’ll be back!”

– Lauren M.

“Thank you for your hard word on my order. My wife and daughter love them. My daughter calls for buddy her fake daddy. I will send you a pic of me and the buddies when I get home. Thanks again. Semper Fi.”

– Sgt. John D.

“I love it. This is the perfect gift. Maybe we should think about getting one for every employee…as a 5 year anniversary gift or something. Now, I have someone who’ll sit at my desk when I’m not in the office. He’s just too fun.”


“I just received Pete today. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m so excited and I cannot wait to give it to him on the 3rd! Thank you so much! You guys really are one of a kind and I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of the great work you do. I am impressed and I’m sure [my boss] and his wife will love it when I present this to him at our party. The resemblance is uncanny!! Thanks again! You guys did an amazing job and your customer service is superb!”

-Nary L.